About Us

Karisa consult Ltd is an agribusiness focused consulting, research, training and recruitment provider based in Abuja. Our team consists of skillful professionals, dynamic and task-oriented peoples from diverse fields, offering proficient services in Agribusiness Consulting Services. Karisa consult Ltd was started by a group of highly zealous and experienced individuals who wanted to change the way people look at agriculture. Since day one, Karisa consult Ltd has aimed at offering advanced agribusiness solutions to businesses looking to succeed in this competitive environment.

MISSION: Our mission is to provide the preferred and trusted agribusiness services to our clients. To achieve this, we are committed to the provision of excellent customer service, quality staffing, capacity building, excellent research and competitive pricing. We will continue to work in close consultation with our clients to ensure that agribusiness needs are adequately met to their complete satisfaction

VISION: Our vision is to be the leading provider of innovative agri-business solutions in Africa and beyond.


Result-Driven and Business-Centric Agribusiness Solutions

Karisa consult Ltd has strived to offer top-notch Agribusiness solutions to businesses from day one. Our mission as a successful agribusiness consulting company is to offer clients with the most innovative, suitable, and result-oriented services. We have supported many businesses in establishing a full-fledged environment to streamline their business operations and customer relations all using one simple platform.

We truly believe in building relations with our customers, which is why we stay by their sides throughout the course of their contract with us. We invest time into understanding our clients’ unique business needs to come up with personalized solutions for business success. Our agribusiness services are highly reliable and can ensure smooth business growth without additional fuss.

Building Long-Term Relations with Our Clients

Our aim is to focus on building everlasting relations with our customers by offering them top-notch solutions. Karisa consult Ltd our emphasis has always been on adding value to our clients’ businesses by providing them exceeding service solutions that enhance work-efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and overall business growth.