Agribusiness brokerage is also one aspect of KARISA consults that is a guaranteed introducing broker specializing in Agricultural risk management and commodity investment.

Agribusiness brokerage was established to provide specialized supply and off – take management of different crops or commodity across value chains. Through excellent services and customer demand this has evolved in to the supply chain management of numerous commodities. We endeavour to bring the farmer to the right buyer. In a nutshell, KARISA consults executes order to buy or sell commodity contacts on behalf of clients and charges a commission.

Some of the Agribusiness commodity:  – Rice, Maize, Soybeans, Gum Arabic, Cotton, Sesame, Cashew, Groundnut, Yam, Aquaculture, Sugar, Coconut, Horticulture, Cassava and any other Agribusiness commodity.

To inquire about Agribusiness Brokerage, contact us at 07059344234, 07059344233 or email for additional information.