Postharvest Management/Hermetic Storage Bags.

Karisa Grain Bags is one aspect of Karisa consults Ltd which has come up with something fruitful for the farmers. Karisa Grain Bags will bring revolution all over the world with its safe storage of grains, beans and spices. The hardworking paid off in spite of having many challenges coming in our way and finally we came up with these karisa Grain Bags which will improve the shelf life of the grains, beans, spices and nuts. Karisa is targeting the areas around the world which are suffering from
malnutrition as some of the foods are not able to reach some countries. With These Karisa Grain Bags will improve the health of the people as well as increase the income of the farmers. Earlier farmers use to suffer a big loss as oxygen and moisture level use to penetrate in old gunny bags resulting in the spoilage of grains.

Hermetic Storage Technology (HST) is the latest innovation to reduce post-harvest losses, raise the incomes of smallholders and make the country food secure.
It has been promoted as a proven safe and cost-effective solution for households for the storage of dried maize, red beans, cow peas, green grams, sorghum,
millet, chick peas and other cereals.

Hermetic Storage
Hermetic storage bags preserve the dried cereals and pulses without the use of any pesticide dust. They have outer Woven Polypropylene (WPP) bags and the
inner liners. The WPP bag protects the inner liners that give the best hermetic properties to block gases and water vapour.
Once the hermetic bag is closed as per the instructions provided, oxygen and other gases are prevented from entering or exiting .This protects the dried grains
and pulses from damage that mostly occurs during post-harvest storage and suffocates any living organisms inside. The stored grain can last up to two years and the bag is reusable.
Improved storage allows farmers to reap the benefits of improved prices by delaying sales until prices rise.
However, the produce must be dried adequately, since the hermetic technology does not allow further drying during storage unlike the natural fibre bags.

Nevertheless, the technology protects stored grains from pests, rodents, birds and fungi, and also allows them to be kept for longer periods with no appreciable loss of quality.

Hermetic bags are made up of ultra high barrier specialty blend of polymers. A hermetic storage bag comes with a quality of air tight and gas tight storage which helps in locking the freshness and the aroma.
With these hermetic storage bags the commodities remains fresh and the quality is maintained of the product. Hermetic Storage Bags protect vitamin content and sensitive food.
Earning level of grain producer increases because quality and quantity is maintained. Also the grain products can be exported and the farmer can get high price of the product.
These grain preserving bags are manufactured by utilizing supreme grade materials and advanced technology which offer excellent gas barrier properties to prevent moisture and oxygen ingress. These bags are a penetration-resistant storage solution for a vast range of agricultural commodities such as

  1. Paddy
  2. Lentils
  3. Millet
  4. Wheat
  5. Spices
  6. Green coffee beans

All types of beans and many others.

These hermetic storage bags are produced with Ultra High Barrier Specialty Blend of Polymers and LDPE as inner liner, which is water resistant and gas tight qualities helps in create modified atmosphere inside the bag. With the low amount of oxygen shelf life of grains prolongs and preserves the germination capacity of the stored
agricultural commodities. These crop storage bags are available in mainly three sizes including
650 mm x 1100 mm
750 mm x 1300 mm
750 mm x 1500 mm

Karisa consults offers hermetic storage bags, which are cost effective and comes with a barrier layer to protect the commodities for prolonged period of time. These bags have a tendency to store commodities at or below safe moisture content for prolonged period without the risks of moisture intrusion, parasites infestation and fungal growth. So go ahead and take the advantage to discover the opportunity that maintains the quality of your product.