At Karisa Consult we take time in understanding business, our ideas are never cast in stone as we continuously develop them so as to have firm insights on the right way to design and construct a service. With an aim of helping our client to achieve competitive advantage in the agricultural world. We provide inclusive approach whereby we develop custom and tailor made solution for each client individually while maintaining professionalism, confidentiality and expertise in our client relationships.

We employ both qualitative and quantitative technics, online and ethnographic studies as appropriate to deliver the highest quality data for our clients. We also carry out data acquisition, data conversion and processing for those clients aiming for their own analyses.

We have vast experience in analyzing and interpreting the findings of the data that we generate, adding value to it via observations and suggestions thus improving the ability of our clients to make concrete decisions. We engage qualified and experience consultants in our programs to bring about the best achievements hence going beyond our clients’ expectations. Some of our consultancy services include: