Karisa’s Terms

Terms of Placement

  1. Recruitment:

The following fees will apply for each type of recruitment as stated below:

  • Complete recruitment service – we will propose to collect 10% of the candidates one year’s salary
  • Partial recruitment service – to be negotiated based on the type of staff to be recruited. Volume and frequency of service will inform the final fee to be collected.
  • Commitment fee – we propose =N= 50,000 commitment fee as a disbursement for the recruitment to start off.
  • For any service that require substantial time and effort on our part- a separate fee to be determined on a mutual consensus between Karisa and The client.


  1. Training:

A 70% mobilization fee will be paid to Karisa before the training is conducted. This is to cover covering man hours, training materials, venue, refreshments and resource materials. A 30% balance will be paid upon service delivery and post training report has been submitted.

  1. Research:

A 50% mobilization of the cost of the work is required after an engagement agreement is signed. This is to covering man hours, field data collection, logistics, transportation and communication cost.

  1. Consultancy:

Mobilization fee will be negotiated depending on the type of consultancy service offered.