Agricultural education and competency-based training are essential for building the human resource capacity required to improve agricultural productivity and to manage natural resources for sustainable development. Through our capacity building programs, we help strengthen agricultural sector organizations and develop good agricultural practice, professional training and provide research facilities. Karisa consult Ltd strives to build the technical / business management capacities of agribusiness value chain actors. A good number of companies have benefited from our training programs in Value Chains, Leadership and Agricultural Project Management.

Training Course and Workshops

Some of our training course and workshops include:

  • Value Chain, Leadership and Agric Project Development Training
  • Value Chain and Business Development Models Training
  • Rural Infrastructure and Trade Related Capacities for Market Access
  • Value Chains and Market Access Training
  • Food chain and value chain in the agri-food system
  • Natural resources. Water
  • Vegetable crops production technology and management
  • Intensive Agriculture Production Techniques and Technologies
  • Ecological agriculture
  • Product quality, packaging and post-harvest technology
  • Livestock and animal production
  • Rural development
  • Logistics
  • Management
  • Entrepreneurship and business plan
  • Introduction to agri-food marketing
  • The research of agricultural markets
  • Decisions about product
  • Pricing decisions
  • Decisions about distribution
  • Agricultural food cooperation
  • Cooperatives, associations and clusters: irrigation communities and public-private partnerships
  • Use of ICT in the agri-food sector

Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)

Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)

  • For horticultural production
  • For Fruit and vegetable
  • For Rice and wheat
  • For maize, soya beans and lots more.
  • Implementing GAPs: Reducing Risk & Maintaining Safety
  • Good agricultural practice across value chain.

Food Security and Development

Food Security and Development

  • Governance & food safety in international food chains
  • Evaluating and managing for sustainable development impact
  • Managing risk in the face of climate change
  • Managing risk in the face of climate change
  • Communicating evidence for sustainable development
  • Resilient and sustainable food systems for a food secure future
  • Market access for food security
  • Ecosystem approach to fisheries
  • Climate change adaptation in food security and natural resource management
  • Integrated seed sector development
  • Horticulture sector development for emerging markets
  • Wetlands, integrated water resources management and food security
  • Integrated pest management and food safety
  • Food systems for healthy and sustainable diets
  • Rural entrepreneurship
  • (Seed) potato sector development for emerging markets
  • Plant variety protection (PVP)
  • Food security in an urbanising society
  • Climate change and food security nexus
  • Organised farmers as partners in agribusiness
  • Lost harvest and wasted food
  • Fisheries governance for food security
  • Local economic development: towards agribusiness cluster development
  • Facilitating multi-stakeholder partnerships to foster sustainable and inclusive food systems
  • Global one Health: towards human, animal and plant health
  • Responsible aquaculture development for food security and economic progress
  • Sustainable development goals indicators
  • Food Nutrition security analysis
  • Productive employment decent
  • Capacity development
  • Responsible investment in Agriculture and food system
  • Monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment
  • Agribusiness communication
  • Social protection and resilience
  • Gender in agribusiness
  • Climate change
  • Food safety
  • Right to food
  • Agricultural statistics
  • Crop improvement
  • Information management and knowledge sharing
  • Global Postharvest Loss Prevention:
  • Fundamentals, Technologies, and Actors

Global Postharvest Loss Prevention

Global Post-harvest Loss Prevention:

  • Fundamentals, Technologies, and Actors